Swedish District Attorney Ulrika Åberg: The Quran is a piece of garbage

Rasmus Paludan from Stram Kurs Sverige risks a fine after a meeting in Frölunda in Gothenburg in Sweden. In connection with Rasmus Paludan visiting Frölunda in February 2022, he was reported to the police for littering. The assumed crime did not went on to prosecution, but now the police are being reprimanded. The prosecutor wants to see a further investigation.

It is a police officer who was present at the demonstration who appealed the police’s decision not to initiate a preliminary investigation into littering. According to the police officer’s appeal, the remains of a burned Quran were left at Frölunda torg.

“As a young policeman in the late 70s and during the 80s, I patrolled on foot in the center of Gothenburg. If any unwise individual had decided to start a fire in the streets or squares, I and the other police officers would have intervened directly against the unwise”, the policeman writes in his appeal.

District Attorney Ulrika Åberg has now decided to resume the preliminary investigation regarding the crime of littering.

Rasmus Paludan can be convicted of littering. In that case, he will be fined.

“It is a new extended legislation since January this year and for me it is unclear whether it is parts of the burned Quran that remain on the ground and I want to see further investigation”, says Ulrika Åberg to Swedish State Television – SVT.

Rasmus Paludan has not heard anything about the preliminary investigation being resumed, and is questioning the suspicion.

“When it comes to littering, I always collect and remove burnt debris and throw them in the trash. It sounds strange, but it’s good that you’re focusing on major crimes”, says Rasmus Paludan to SVT.

Rasmus Paludan emphasizes that he always has a dialogue with the dialogue police about how much to collect if any pages of the Quran may not be burned.


(Source: SVT)

(Photo: Torn copies of Qurans in garbage cans in the city of Taif in Saudi Arabia)

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